Cloetta's Juleskum, also known as Skumtomtar, aka Christmas foam. This candy shows up everywhere during Christmas, in stores, public places, theatres, you name it. Christmas is the jolly season of Juleskum. The candies are sweet, soft and chewy all at ones with a smooth taste of strawberry. Not a flavour you would expect to become such a Christmas icon but in Sweden there is no Christmas without Juleskum.

The candies are in the shapes of small pink Santa Clauses with a white beard and feel soft and fluffy. The packaging is of course red, representing Christmas, and have a see-through section where you can see the cute candies.

The beauty of Cloetta Juleskum is that is brings a loving Christmas spirit to the table and the sweet smell of strawberry creates a nostalgic sensation within the Swedish homes, it has become an obvious ingredient to the Christmas celebrations.