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Fruxo Original

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Fruxo is another enticing candy from the popular Malaco Company. Fruxo comes in the form of small candy pieces, shaped like slices of fruit, and flavoured with an assortment of fruit flavours. Coming in a variety of colours they are bright and enticing. Each colour; red, orange, green, and yellow has its own flavour that truly stands out. These soft sweets are slightly chewy without being excessively so. The texture has the quality of a gummy sweet; perfect for rolling around the tongue.

As with other Malaco brands, the packaging is cute and fun, and designed to make people smile. The candy comes in a bag with bright green background that features a happy smiling girl carrying a large variety of fruits. A small slice of the packet is transparent and the colourful little Fruxo treats can be seen peeking out; an enticing glimpse of all the goodies that the packet contains.

Fruxo joined the ranks of Malaco back in 1960 and its fruity yumminess has been a popular addition ever since. Perfect for children and adults alike, the fresh fruity flavour hits quickly. Perfect for parties; with these adorable candies, you can create your own alternative fruit bowl.